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Starlyware Privacy Policy.

At Starlyware it is essential to ensure consumer privacy. Every day we strive to make our products safe, in order to make daily use by users equally safe. When you use our services, we collect some information for the sole purpose of improving our products.


What kind of data is collected?

We collect information through our services: apps, programs and browsers you use to enjoy a unique experience. This information helps us understand how our products are used by the user. The data collected may include:

  • Crash and bug reports;
  • System language and country in which the product is used;
  • Information on the operating system in use.

How is this data used?

Improve our services

We use the collected data to improve our services, making sure that the products work as intended, for example in the event of a crash or bug.

Communicate with you

We use the information we collect to interact with you. For example, if you require technical assistance, we can process the request and send you an email response.

Sale of collected data

Error 404: Not Found! Starlyware does not sell any information collected to third party companies, partners or any for-profit companies. By using our products, we make a commitment: we want to keep it.

Who can see this information?

We keep your information secure and none of it is sent to third parties for marketing or advertising purposes. The information collected is managed and processed by Starlyware.

How can I request the deletion of my data?

You can request the deletion of your data in our possession by writing to us at